by Only a Shadow Remains

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This is a concept album around the idea of a female serial killer. Each song follows her as she stalks her victim, tortures and murders him, and finally disposes of the body. All profits go to charity - more specifically, to help no-kill animal shelters. Yes, I do see the irony in profits from an album about murder being donated to no-kill shelters.

The album was written and recorded entirely in my barracks room while being stationed overseas.


released 23 September 2012

All songs written, arranged, and recorded by Only a Shadow Remains.



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Only a Shadow Remains Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Born to Kill
Stalking victims in the night
Tying wrists and ankles tight
Full of fear they scream in vain
Her addiction; others' pain
Mirror placed above their heads
Makes them watch until they're dead
Torture-laden pain design
She orgasms every time

She was born to Kill
She will kill you

Thumbs pushed into victims eyes
Laughing at their pleading cries
Hacking into charred remains
Crushing skulls, dissecting brains
Slicing skin, removing flesh
Peeling eyelids from the head
Covering herself in gore
Pools of blood spill on the floor

Gripping entrails in her fist she pulls them out
One hand on the lower jaw she tears it off
She skins them all alive
Torture/murder as art

She will fucking kill you

After death they're dismembered
Never seen and never heard
Chunks of flesh all neatly packed
Head is removed with an axe
Taken to a secret place
Many lives has she erased
Hole dug deep into the ground
Buried deeply, never found

She was born to kill
Track Name: The Hunt
Sounds, footsteps right behind you
she stays in shadows, remains unseen
as she caresses this blade in her hand
fantasies in her mind, so obscene
she calms herself, her heart is pounding
Falling into this familiar routine
Approaching slowly from behind
in eyes flash a dangerous gleam

the excitement, the anticipation
controlling acts of dominance
the thrill of taking a life sustains her
she must have this

she cant stop, she must have it now
she reaches out, her touch unforeseen
she covers his mouth with her hand
No one will hear you scream
a knife point pressed to the throat
a whispered warning, don't make a scene
handcuffs secure the victim's hands
and so begins her next dream

the excitement, the anticipation
controlling acts of dominance
the thrill of taking a life sustains her
she must have this
Track Name: The Anticipation of Torture
my hand grasps the handle of my blade
fingers caress the razor's edge of this tool of death
bloodied visions of torture drive me
toward evisceration's beginning
As I approach you lying on the floor
wrists and ankles tied tightly
my imagination is filled with thoughts of
anticipation of you screaming

will this one scream
will it fulfill
my desire
will this one bleed
can I contain
my excitement

Cutting through layers of clothing
exposing innocent skin beneath
naked and vulnerable, the victim screams
in my ears my heartbeat pounds
i can barely control my breathing
vision tunneling with excitement
no longer can I withstand
anticipation of you screaming

I place the knife along your neck
let you feel the ice cold steel
I whisper softly in your ear
torture that is to come
tracing lines across your sternum
blood slowly wells up and runs down
my hand is shaking, i can't contain the
anticipation of you screaming
Track Name: Halls of Gore
blood running down the walls
bodies hanging on meat hooks
faces frozen as they died
eyes open, staring blindly

In the halls of gore
the dead decorate the walls
In the halls of gore
life cannot exist

intestines hang from corpses
guts splattered everywhere
she lies in a pool of blood
in ecstasy

In the halls of gore
she bathes in dead bodies
In the halls of gore
her home is your hell

still alive while dissected
screams echo everywhere
countless victims collected
in these bleak halls of gore
Track Name: Torture-Murder
gripping flesh with tongs
ripping red strips off
burning, cauterize
hot blade, sodomize
nailing to a board
wailing, scream some more
stabbing extremities
severed at the knees

Murder through torture through murder
murder through torture through murder

hand forced down his throat
windpipe burst and torn
stomach cut open
vomit covers him
eyeballs are sewn shut
ice pick through his nuts
entrails are exposed
pliers break his nose

murder through torture through murder
murder through torture through murder

gurgling screams form a song
that makes her continue on
agony flows from her hands
makes it last as long as she can
make him scream
make him bleed
taste his pain
fill her need

and now the time has come
for the victim to die
nails driven into his skull
finally now he is dead
Track Name: Dissected
wrists and ankles tied with rope
body inverted, above the floor
eyes sewn shut, so crudely
to stop accusing eyes
she considers her victim
with a blade in her hand
slicing through his clothing
let the evisceration begin

your anatomy torn apart, undone
categorized and laid out, your body

knife inserted at the groin
pushed down, stomach cut open
intestines spilling out
flesh parts upon her blade
ribcage forced open
heart removed and set aside
cut down to the neck
windpipe severed, ripped out

bleeding him dry
bleeding him dry

The scalp peeled from his skull
eyelids slowly cut off
skin sliced from the face
to expose flesh beneath
brain carefully extirpated
her final trophy
organs removed individually
laid out, inspected
Track Name: Consumption of the Cadaver
my only desire
is to partake
in your consumption
i will consume your life force
the heart is still warm
as I bite into it
meat torn from your body
has now become sustenance

as I consume your flesh
your soul becomes mine
joining my prior victims
your flesh becomes my chyme
a knife in your chest
pulled down and torn aside
carving out sustenance
nothing cast aside
your guts are in my hands
ravenous, I can't stop
consuming your cadaver
while your blood is still hot

I dream of you screaming
while I tear flesh from you
consuming your entrails
with blood everywhere
eyeballs torn from sockets
filled with urine, defiled
I claim you as mine
blood-soaked, eviscerating
Track Name: Hiding the Remains
A splattered mess is all that remains of the victims body
vivisected, with internal organs laid out
consumed as much as possible, less evidence to hide
I must avoid detection, it can't be found

all the limbs are removed from the torso
tightly wrapped up and held together with rope
the chest cavity is pulled closed and sewn shut
the legs are wrapped up with the packaged body

I must avoid detection
this can't be found
I must avoid detection
this can't be found

I must remove all the evidence
nothing to link me with the crime
scrub my hands until they bleed
no fingerprints to be found

a shovel pressed into rorulent soil
undisclosed location, hole dug deeply
remains of the victim carefully lowered in
leaving quietly in the midst of night